We Honor & Thank Congressman John Lewis

And We Encourage You To Follow His Example

Today is a sad day for Americans as we say goodbye to Congressman John Lewis at his public funeral at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Spiritual leaders, government colleagues and three living United States Presidents are paying tribute to this man, this force of will for the public good.

Congressman Lewis is, perhaps, best known as a Civil Rights leader; but, his great works extended far beyond race and equality. He was a constant advocate of non-violence as a tool in any public fight. And, even as he encouraged us to pursue “Good Trouble,” he cautioned us to never demonize one another and to never pick up the tools of cynicism, skepticism and hate. He believed – he knew – that only Love will prevail. In his lifetime of public service, he set the tone and the example based justice tempered (and powered) by compassion. The team at This American Quarantine thanks him, his family for sharing him with this country and all of the leaders who are following is inspirational example – through truth, justice and love to bind us together as equal Americans, as God-loved human beings.

We hope his “homegoing” today, and the sharing of his beautiful memory, will also inspire all Readers to pick up the mantle he so graciously (and gracefully) held for decades. He saw great need in this country and he chose to face with with great deeds. He suffered defeat, even as we collectively face suffering and death from COVID-19, and he sometimes failed in his efforts. But, he never gave up; he persisted. May you, Readers, persist in the current fights for the safety (and, some would say, soul) of the United States of America. And, may you passionately do so with as much love as your hearts can hold.

President Obama awarding Congressman John Lewis the Presidential Medal of Honor in 2011.

~ by Langdon Bosarge, RN, BSN

on behalf of the TAQ team

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