Episode Three ~The Give & Take of Nature

We begin the difficult, necessary conversation about death, loss and grieving. And we look to the natural world – which science shows actually has healing, restorative powers for us humans – for guidance. Host Langdon takes us on a virtual journey into the forests of California’s Big Sur.

And Degrassi High actor and popular comic Carla Collins joins us for a surprising conversation about meditation, comedy and healing.

Her latest album, Recovering Nudist is available everywhere now. (And her second, Mobius Stripper, contains “Laugh After Death,” which she wrote and performed following her own experience with profound loss and grief.

Senior Editor, doctor – and pretty funny guy – James Hamblin brings us this informative, and comedic, take on the benefits of what some experts call Ecotherapy. Listen in the podcast and watch here. Plus, more insights from WellCast and Healing Forest.

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