In times of crisis it’s common to feel helpless. Taking positive action to help others actually helps us. By focusing our attention on others, we ease our own suffering. And taking steps, even small ones, to do something, anything, not only gives us a feeling of empowerment but actually touches others in ways we may not be aware of, but do have healing effects. And, they often start the ripple of more positive action, more positive feelings and more health and healing. Start something good today.

  • Go to Impact Your World – CNN‘s vetted list of volunteer opportunities and inspiring stores of compassion and generosity.
  • Volunteer actively with the organization of your choice.
    • Meals On Wheels needs your help; they continue to deliver meals to persons in need, even during the pandemic.
    • Our furry friends remain in need during this challenging. Consider helping your local animal rescue or shelter. You could even foster a pet in need, who would provide you with love and support in return.
  • Donate: if you’re blessed enough to have financial resources, consider sharing the wealth with legitimate organizations that are providing direct assistance to people in need on the ground.
  • Check in with neighbors and friends. Many of us are feeling isolated and some may not be reaching out or, worse, may be alone. Many neighborhood across the country are forming small bands of concerned volunteers who are calling, visiting and assisting others with shopping. Popular apps like Nextdoor and LotsaHelpingHands are easy to download and connect with your community.
Six Immediate Things You Can Do Today To Make A Difference
  1. Donate medical supplies (like gloves, gowns and masks) to your local hospitals.
  2. Buy healthcare professionals lunch. (People have been sending pizza and treats to their local hospitals all across the country.)
  3. Donate money to reputable nonprofits or food to your local food bank.
  4. Share helpful (and accurate) information with others when you’re in conversation or on social media.
  5. Give blood. There is a growing shortage of blood products and surgical or emergency patients are going to need it.
  6. Help people experiencing homelessness. You can give a blanket, a jacket, hand sanitizer or even just a word of encouragement.

Blood From Recovered COVID-19 Patients May Help Save Lives

If you or someone you know has recovered from the novel CoronaVirus, please consider donating plasma. The Red Cross is the leader in assisting the public to donate and can show you how to safely give even during the pandemic.