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What We Put In Our Minds Is As Important As What We Put In Our Bodies

What are you consuming lately? If you’re like many of us, probably lots of news and hefty portions of Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. But, just like overeating junk food may feel great in the moment, it will probably leave you feeling less than satisfied – even moody, depressed and worse than before the binge.

Consider what media and information you are taking in and how it makes you feel. We’d like to invite you to broaden your palette, expand your choices. There are quite literally libraries full of books that, upon exploring and “consuming,” can lift your mood, provide that needed escape and even inspire you to both take shelter during the storm of COVID-19 and take action to improve your conditions – and that of the country.

We are excited to officially announce our new partnership with the historic Los Angeles Public Library. We’ll be bringing you authors and writings every week, thanks to the fantastic librarians who continue to work for all of us during the pandemic. Also, in conjunction with the esteemed New York Public Library, we’ll be expanding your menu of options with the new mini-cast, “PopUp Radio,” in which celebrities and everyday people bring you readings from (and discussion of) literature and non-fiction that empower and uplift.

Today’s Specials:

Just like the daily specials at your favorite restaurant, together with the county’s most respected libraries, we’ll be bringing you excellent reading recommendations. Below is a sampling of some non-fiction works that have inspired our team, many of which have selections that are currently in production now for PopUp Radio’s upcoming shows.

Featuring bold essays by some of the world’s leaders in thought and civic action, The Impossible Will Take A Little While is a guidebook to staying positive and persevering during difficult times. Edited by legendary writer Paul Rogat Loeb, you’ll find powerful pieces by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Howard Zinn, Tony Kushner, Maya Angelou and many others. Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat of Humanity, said this wonderful book “brings hope for a better world in a time when we so urgently need it.”

From the introduction: We live in a time fraught with uncertainty and risk…Merely thinking about them is to flirt with despair…But as understandable as such moments of doubt and apparent impotence may be, especially in a culture that too often rewards cynicism and mocks idealism, they aren’t inevitable…The writers assembled here have helped me maintain the belief that striving for a more humane world is worth the effort. Again and again, they have satisfied my hunger for hope and rescued me from despair. It’s my wish that their example will do the same for others, encouraging us all to take up the essential work of healing our communities, our nation, our planet – and to persist during a time when such involvement has never been needed more.

Spiritual Literacy a curated collection of writings from great authors of fiction, classic thinkers and spiritual and religious leaders, as well as everyday people. Organized by themes, such as Enthusiasm, Joy and Meaning, you’re sure to find passages to uplift you. Nancy Burke, author of the best-seller Body Mind Spirit, encourages us, “Drink long and slowly from the soulful well that is Spiritual Literacy – it will sustain you for years to come.”

Coming Very Soon: PopUp Radio – literary glimpses of passion and resilience.

~ by: Staff

Tell us what books have fed you well. We may feature them in the blog or on the podcast. And, if you’re a writer, submit an article or editorial. We’re actively seeking to highlight a diverse community of thoughts and opinions.

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