Episode Twelve ~ The Rivers Of Your Life

Insightful discussions to help us navigate the rivers of our (chaotic, stressful) lives, to bring us comfort while struggling with the ongoing pandemic. Surprisingly, many effective tools lie right before our eyes: trees.

Nitin Das is a forest filmmaker and and founder of HealingForest.org, a special project using stories and films to highlight the great power of nature to heal and restore us.

Good news is always uplifting, and sorely needed these days. Our journalist contributor Francisco Castro joins the show today with a story and conversation of volunteers thanking the farm workers that grow our food, and have been hit especially hard during COVID-19. (Francisco’s companion article is in the blog here, and you can see good pictures of the great people involved in both the giving and the receiving.)

“Song of Trees,” by David Haskell was suggested by our guest, Nitin Das. (It has also been praised and recommended by The London Times, The Atlantic and Nature magazines and more. We’re proud to have selected passages from this beautiful work for our sneak peak at our new mini-cast to help inspire you and build your resilience, PopUp Radio.

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