Episode Thirteen ~ Dr. Marcoli Cyrille on Trusting Science, Medicine & More

Relating To Science In A New, Trusting Way

We are both excited and hopeful to bring you this special hour-long conversation with our special guest, Dr. Marcoli Cyrille. Together we explore how new medications are discovered (and tested for both safety and efficacy – i.e., making sure they actually work) and how treatments – vaccines, in particular – actually come to market. He sheds new light on the alarming trend of anti-maskers and science-deniers and offers his own compelling story and insight and inspiration.

Dr. Cyrille is the Medical Director Global Development for Amgen, the United States’ top biopharmaceutical company. He completed his medical degree at Yale University and his fellowship at Harvard. He is dedicated to combating illness and finding treatments for some the world’s most challenging diseases.

We would like to thank you the professionals at Amgen for permitting Dr. Cyrille to appear on this program.

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