Episode Seven ~ Navigating The Wilderness

We are really in uncharted territory. So, what (or whom) are we going to use as guides to help us through? On today’s show, conversations to shed some light on things that actually help us.

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman is a loving, popular Rabbi-at-large and scholar-in-residence and the creator of the Jewish Mindfulness Network. She joins us to frankly discuss the challenges (and solutions) to the wilderness we find ourselves in during the pandemic. You can learn more about Rabbi Jill, as well as join in her special online Shabbat’s every Friday (you don’t have to be Jewish to attend and benefit) by visiting her website.

Continuing our behind the scenes feature, TAQ Producer Germar Derron talks with us about coping while distant from friends and family, upcoming stories he’s producing for the show and a brief review of the helpful resources on the TAQ website, with very practical tips, suggestions and referrals. He also hosts his own podcast, Look To The Cookie, which takes a hot look into the the news and culture of the day.

Gil Charleston is a working actor in New York City; he’s also a hotel manager that faced huge difficulties when the the city became America’s Coronavirus epicenter. He shares with us not only how he’s coping, but how he’s helping others in a beautiful (and brilliant) action he helped usher in at his Times Square hotel. Gil also volunteers with Voices Inside, helping prison inmates to learn the art of writing. You can see him read one of the poems, “I Come From,” by participant Brandon Amos, here.

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