Episode Four ~ Tool Time

All projects require tools. And the project of staying healthy (and sane) during the pandemic is no different. Conversations in this episode with Psychiatrist and neuroscientist Dr. Reef Karim and spiritual leader and educator Yehudit Steinberg about how to cope during these challenging times.

Listen Here

You can also download your free copy of Dr. Karim’s new Crisis Manual and find out more about coping (and even growing) during this time here, at TheCrisisManual.com.

You can learn more coping skills and receive lots of inspiration from Yehudit by visiting her website ThinkGrow.Live and explore her seven week workshop, Spring Cleaning For The Soul.

What’s in your toolbox?

The podcast above and both the directory and blog have a large array of additional suggestions, instructions and links to more resources. We hope they’ll be of great use to you. Stay well.

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