We Heard You

The non-profit YouTopiaUSA has been working since 2017 to create evidence-based interventions to enhance happiness around the world. They are not yet a publicly facing organization, but due to the needs evident from the pandemic, chose to launch This American Quarantine. (Survival must come before happiness and thriving, as even Maslow knew.) On social media and throughout our own communities, we heard everyday people expressing concerns about sheltering in place. From jokes about boredom and restless children, to fears about the unknown, citizens were asking for help in dealing with their isolation, difficult emotions and even confusion about trustworthy information. We, the volunteer staff, are grateful to the Board of YouTopia for their guidance, support and for providing the necessary start-up funding and equipment.

And We’ll Be Here For The Long Haul

The nature of the pandemic is still largely unknown. Based on models from the World Health Organization, however, we can assume that the wide community spread of the virus will be with us for some time. This will require that most Americans continue sheltering/quarantine for many months to come. And we will be on this journey with you; we will be here, continuing to locate and update helpful resources, publishing new and important voices and producing the podcast to keep you informed, safe and inspired.

This American Quarantine Is:

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Langdon Bosarge, host of the
This American Quarantine podcast.

Your Podcast Host

Langdon Bosarge is a veteran nurse specializing in the fields of psychiatry, disease prevention and education. He’s dabbled in television, radio and finger-painting with his nieces and nephews. He has taught and written extensively for Kaiser Permanente and American Career College. He is working on his first novel and lives in Los Angeles.

Giving Back…

The show, articles & resources are absolutely free to access. If you’d like to donate to help keep our all volunteer operation in action we’d greatly appreciate the kindness. By clicking above, you’ll be taken to PayPal’s safe, secure website. Thank you for your support. We’re in this together.