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The podcast created to help you survive and thrive during quarantine. Insightful conversations with the world’s thinkers and doers.

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Stay Safe & Sane

Evidence-based resources hand-curated by medical and psychiatric professionals to help you and those you love to stay safe and cope well.

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Join us in encouraging others to Mask Up with your selfie or video – and get featured on the blog and/or podcast.

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What’s new at This American Quarantine?

* Partnered with Johns Hopkins University to bring you COVID case numbers in real-time, with their interactive map.
* Partnered with New York and Los Angeles Public Libraries to bring you PopUp Radio, with powerful literary and non-fiction selections read by artists and celebrities with thoughtful analysis.
* Added additional security features and an enhanced SSL certificate to keep you safe while visiting the site.

We Are In This Together

It goes without saying that these are challenging times in which we are living. It’s with the sincere hope of mitigating suffering (and potentiating growth, compassion and even joy) that the producers teamed with the nonprofit YouTopiaUSA to create This American Quarantine.

We are a small group of volunteers but we are committed to bringing evidence-based resources to help everyone stay safe and sane during the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, we have created directories of useful information to deal with the practicalities of disease prevention and also the day to day challenges of isolation.

Our team consists of creatives and medical and psychiatric professionals, working on a volunteer basis to curate safety and coping tips, along with the latest in medical information in your area and inspirational stories and creative ideas to make quarantine less stressful – and hopefully more enjoyable – all in the Resource Directory, Blog and Podcas

Share Your Story…

Story has a transformative power on individuals and on society as a whole. We’d love to hear yours. Whether you’re redecorating, home-schooling or on the front lines as a health care worker. By telling our stories we can heal, become more empowered. And, by listening we gain insights, empathy and realize we aren’t really alone after all. Feel free to share your stories – as well as ideas, suggestions & more – with our team.

We are an all volunteer staff and production team. Please consider buying us a cup of coffee, lunch or making a larger donation if you’re able. We depend on donations for the internet, web domain and equipment maintenance. Thank you for supporting us in our mission.

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